Read and Speak French/CDROM

Read and Speak French/CDROM teaches French Vocabulary, Grammar, Sentence Generation, Pronunciation and Reading to beginner, intermediate and advanced students. The course is contained in a CDROM that is installed on the student's computer and is designed to teach adults or children.  This French course is easy and fun to use, requires only the mouse and employs hundreds of custom-made color pictures, native speaker pronunciation and illustrated printouts.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of French and covers the language material taught in about 600 school hours.  Course format provides the presentation of learning material using multicolor French text to highlight dinstict word parts, illustrating custom-made color pictures, clickable French sound and explanatory English text.  Understanding of the material is evaluated through interactive exercises that enhance comprehension and incorporate multicolor French and English texts, pictures and sounds.  The course provides about 300 lessons, thousands of exercises and takes about 150 hours to complete.

This course is designed to be useful to children or adults (age greater than 5 years).  Course is suitable for use at home or in schools.

It provides a vocabulary referring to daily life themes such as greetings, weather, numbers, clothing, food, animals, colors, sports, parts of the body and many more.

It covers French grammar: spelling, gender and number, regular and irregular verb tenses, use of the tenses in an affirmative, interrogative or negative construction, thorough explanations of all parts of speech and their use in sentence construction.

It gives a solid background about French phonetics, teaches sound discrimination and a correct pronunciation.

It introduces Conversational French through a set of living dialogs mirroring every day situations.

Rapid Language Acquisition Techniques are used to speed up the learning process. Teaching material is presented in many different ways (picture, sound, text and handwriting) in order to create multiple stimuli for enhanced memory recall.

The comprehension of the material taught throughout the course is tested with a set of helpful exercises.
Exercise 1 ("Match Sound with Picture") tests sound comprehension.
Exercise 2 ("Match Sound with Text") tests the relation between sound and corresponding text.
Exercise 3 ("Match Text with Picture") tests reading.
Exercise 4 ("Find the Article") tests knowledge of noun gender.
Exercise 5 ("Find the Sound") tests the recognition of sounds present in spoken words.
Exercise 6 ("Fill in the Blanks") tests and teaches understanding of French sentence structure.
Exercise 7 ("Unscramble the Words") tests and teaches Sentence Generation.