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This site describes Anotek products relating to the French language.

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un téléphone
des livres

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Anotek French products

Read and Speak French/CD-ROM
($95.00 - Available now)

Learn French Language Course: Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced

Academic course that is fun to do and teaches 6+ years of French school.

Course contents
Free demo
Installation instructions v2.0 Need free Adobe Reader from http://www.adobe.com
Customer comments
System Requirements

For WINDOWS PC only - MAC requires WINDOWS emulation software such as "The Virtual PC" .

Read and Speak French - step 1 -/CD-ROM
($55.00 - Not available)

Learn French Language Course: Beginner

Academic course that is fun to do and teaches 2+ years of 
French school.
This CD-ROM is not available any more.  However, all of its material is included in Read and Speak French/CD-ROM.

Course contents
Free demo
System Requirements




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